Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Halcyon Days of Winter

The skies have been blue and daytime temperatures around 14° for the past week.
Unlike the lilies of the field, I have toiled AND I have sown and now I'm pooped. Two trays of leeks are now sat in the potting shed - Swiss Zermatt and Bleu de Solaise - about a week ahead of my start last year. Most of the beds are dug over and cleaned up and I'll get shallot and onion sets in tomorrow.
Happy days. And it's scientifically proven that playing in the dirt is good for your psyche. Read all about it if you haven't already.


Jeremy said...

It's hard to tell, I know, given the general standard of BBC Science (and especially health) reporting, but did you think there was anything meaningful to the dateline of that piece?

Misshathorn said...

I've read the same elsewhere so I think it's for real. Check this