Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buds and Shoots

The soundtrack to accompany this picture can be heard here . Scroll down and click on 'Buds & Shoots', listen and enjoy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grey Matter

Here is what this week's weather looked like on Saturday. I have taken to screen grabbing these BBC forecasts and filing them away for some, as yet undetermined, purpose. But I've had the feeling that for many months now we've been shortchanged in hours of sunlight. It turns out I'm not wrong. The Met anomaly maps show (Click to enlarge and then go here when you still can't make it out) that our little corner of the country (circled) has been deprived over the past six months. Quick calculation - 50% of November's average 60 hours = 30, 30% of December's 37 hour average = 12+, and 50% of January's average of 45 hours = 23. That means we've had 65 hours sun in the past 3 months. That would be about 8 sunny days I guess - 1 day in every week and a half.
On a brighter note, I sowed many peppers and aubergine seeds on Monday.