Monday, February 25, 2008

The Acrobatic Fly

"I love only the cleanest flies, super-gay, dressed in little grey alpace suits from Balenciaga, glittering like a dry rainbow, precise as mica, with granite eyes and with bellies of noble Naples yellow, such as the marvellous little olive flies of Port Lligat, where nobody lives except gala and dali. These little flies always have the grace to sit on the oxidised silver side of the olive leaf. They are the fairies of the Mediterranean." Dali 1966
Dali said that he was only happy in the sun, naked and covered with flies. And he would wax his moustache with sticky date juice and pour anchovy oil over his head to attract them.
Whatever your feelings toward flies you've got to be impressed by the dexterity and strength of 'The Acrobatic Fly' from 1910.

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sketchpad said...

Last time I waxed my moustache in public, Tristan Tzara wrote a poem on my big toe.

Have a gander at "Fiske wears Black Alpaca" on youtube.

Keep blogging and plant a few more seeds in cyberland.

Misshathorn said...

Hello Sketchpad
You're inspired and inspiring!