Saturday, July 12, 2008

The 'Peep Peep' Show

This weeks top story was the hatching of five of the assorted eggs under Doris. It is impossible to get a good group photograph, somebody always looks the other way, so I've shot individual portraits. We aren't yet knowledgeable enough at chicken sexing to know which ones are male (ie. destined for dinner) and which are female. Just as well really.


Celia Hart said...

Just a hunch - i and 3 are girls, 2 an 4 are boys and the 5th could be either.

All v v cute!

Misshathorn said...

Thanks for casting your seasoned eye on the matter. But I won't name them just yet. No.2 & 4 are the first to get tail feathers - possibly a sign that they are female?