Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Black Heart, Dimple, Tipburn, Soft Rot, Skin Scurf, Pitting, Root Knot, Watery Pink Rot, Corky Ring Spot, Blackleg, Purple-Top and Black Dot. Giant Hill, Glassy End, Elephant Hide, Hollow Heart, Witches'Broom, Yellow Dwarf, Early, Late and Southern Blight, Wart, Wilt, Tuber and Ring, Calico, Crinkle, Scab, Scald, Hopperburn, Psyllid Yellows and Mahogany Browning.

The rather poetic sounding maladies that might attack your potatoes.


Anonymous said...

And even if it survives all those, your potato could be attacked by the dreaded potato cyst eelworm!

Celia Hart said...

...and slugs

BUT let's hope not! and here's to a productive plot in 2008.

Happy Year of the Potato!!!!
with best wishes from Celia

Misshathorn said...

When googling 'Potato Cyst Eelworm', Hooting Yard comes up as the number 4 entry. Doctor Cack was the foremost potato scientist of his day and in my 1990 edition of the Immense Duckpond Pamphlet I read that Dr.Minge was the the foremost potato scientist of his day, but to whom may we turn for advice today?

Greetings Celia, maybe it will get cold enough this winter to check the slug population.

Anonymous said...

You could also suffer a dose of spraing as well, though I haven't since about 2000.