Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cold. Mainly Dry Tonight.

"A musca domestica, by the warmth of my parlor has lengthened out his life; & existence to this time: he usually basks on the jams of the chimney within the influence of the fire after dinner, & settles on the table, where he sips the wine & tastes the sugar & baked apples. If there comes a very severe day he withdraws & is not seen."
Gilbert White, December 27th 1780
Today I tapped a greeting on the beehive and heard a "Buz-uzz" in reply. The Natural History Museum has a live Beecast, but they must have all been huddled together off camera when I looked. Brrr.

A post card from Glenn.


Anonymous said...

bzzz bzzz bzzz I wonder why the does.

Misshathorn said...

I guess you meant to put 'she' does?

slabman said...

Glenn is a very talented man and is destined for great success one day, if his keepers ever allow him to use a sharpened pencil.