Monday, September 12, 2011

Adventures with Potato Seed Continued

I've selected some fruits from the potato plants growing from last year's TPS harvest from which to save seed to grow on next year. Coloured yarn kept with the seed corresponds to bits that are tied around each of the plants so that once dug, I can record the colour and qualities of the mother potatoes. As the bee hive is right next to the experimental potato plot, the results will be anyone's guess. Maybe as quirky as those pictured on Home of the Potato (via ABW)


Jeremy said...

Cunning system for tying the records together, as it were.

Rhizowen said...

I wonder whether the Incas used the same bit of equipu ment? Geddit? Nice blog by the way.

Misshathorn said...

Ha! I just found your comment. And have to admit that I looked for help on wiki to geddit, but now feel more connected to my potatoes roots as it were. But on re-reading Tom W's instructions I think I should have left the seeds longer in the fruit. I have dozens of fruit gathered later and still unopened, with very probably more viable seed, but no coloured strings to indicate which is which.