Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red, White and Blue

Last year I saved all of the tubers that I grew from true seed. This year I get to taste them. I dug a couple that were just starting to die back - No.16 French Fingerling x Magic Molly - and cut and cooked the ones that got damaged with the fork. The white fleshed ones are much more floury and prone to fall apart than the ones with coloured flesh, but all taste superb. Most of the plants are huge, still very green, some still flowering and I will leave them in as long as I can stand the suspense.
Carol Deppe has posted about living on a steady diet of potatoes here.

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Blake Smolensky said...

WOW! I have NEVER seen a blue potato before. That's wild! My dad is on a whole sweet potato diet kick right now. Are there any other added health benefits to these types of taters? We also grow a bunch of produce in our home garden. Get most of our foliage from this online market. Check it out!