Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vegetable Morals

"...But I have no doubt at all of the advantage of giving up meat. I find already much good from it in lightness, and airiness of head; whereas I was always before clouded, and more or less morbid after meat. The loss of strength is to be expected. I shall keep on, and see if that also will turn, and change into strength. I have almost Utopian notions about vegetable diet, - begging pardon for making use of such a vile, Cheltenhamic phrase. Why do you not bring your children up to it? To be sure, the chance is that after guarding their vegetable morals for years, they would be seduced by some roast partridge, with bread sauce, and become ungodly."
Edward Fitzgerald writing to his friend Donne (September 1833)


Anonymous said...


Are they all that huge or effect of the camera? I like the colors of the striped tomato.

Misshathorn said...

Not particularly big, the tomatoes in the centre are a good size (4" diameter) but that is a smallish potato and very small onions and cucumbers. The grid I sometimes use as backdrop (see July 27th) has a 1" square.