Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mess O' Tomatoes

Here's this summer's assortment. (last year's are here) They are coming thick and fast now but still to ripen are a late start Peacevine and outdoor-reared 'Off the Vine' Brandywine. Taxi has now finished fruiting and I've replaced them with rooted cuttings, taken late May, of Riesentraube and Purple Calabash. Note to me: Grow more Copia next year.


June said...

Persimmons are my favorite! Lovely assortment. We still have only two ripe tomatoes. It has been that kind of year.

emmat said...

I'M ALWAYS SO JEALOUS of your tomatoes. Next year I am going to be a tomato supremo and grow all the ones you do.... It will be like Single White Female only with tomatoes.

Misshathorn said...

Well, I can recommend most of the ones I've grown this year & last with the exception of Yellow Ruffles. Also Matt's Wild Cherry is flavourful and early but there is very little of them when compared to other cherry tomatoes such as Riesentraube.
p.s. I look forward to the Emsworth Village Show'09.