Monday, July 13, 2009

Progress Report

"Our American cousins persuade themselves that they are never in such perfect health as during Tomato season; and with ourselves this comparatively modern vegetable has become valued, not simply as a refreshing, cooling salad, or when appetizingly stewed, but essentially as a reputed antibilious article of salutary nutrient."
Meals Medicinal W.T.Fernie, M.D.


Julie A. Carda said...

How very lovely!I can taste the perfection of each.

Christine said...

It's amazing how beautiful tomatoes can be and how quickly some grow and how slowly others are. Tomatoes are my favorite and I combine them into a lot of meals. Keep up the good work.

Misshathorn said...

This one - Copia - is also very tasty, I can recommend you grow it if you haven't already.