Thursday, July 30, 2009

Plum Marmalade

Take two Pounds of Damsons, and one Pound of Pippins pared and cut in pieces, bake them in an Oven with a little Ginger, when they are tender, poure them into a Cullender, and let the syrup drop from them, then strain them, and take as much sugar as the Pulp doth weigh, boil it to a Candy height with a little water, then put in your pulp, and boil it till it will come from the bottom of the Skillet, and so put it up. Hannah Woolley 1670
A bumper crop of plums this year on the wild thorny tree by the garage, I've made a double dose of the above.

The Queen Mother Plum from Tradescant's orchard (Bibliodyssey)


June said...

No plums yet in our baby orchard. So out I go to the farm. Can't wait to try this marmalade!

Patsy Bell said...

Reads like a tasty recipe. Heirloom recipe for heirloom fruits and veggies.