Monday, November 12, 2007

Tidy Up

"Brought away Mrs. Snooke's old tortoise, Timothy, which she values so much, & had treated kindly for near 40 years. When dug out of it's hybernaculum, it resented the insult by hissing."
Gilbert White 1780

Most of the weekend was spent raking, weeding, pruning and beating back the brambles. Satisfying toil against unruly nature as Richard Mabey puts it. I'm not leaving it very ruly, but want to get the big work done now rather than turf some little critter like Timothy the Tortoise or Betty the Bumblebee out of his or her hybernaculum in the middle of winter. With the help of the azada (which I can't recommend highly enough) I've grubbed up an area big enough for the planned hen run. This would have taken three times as long using a spade or fork. And then I built an almighty compost heap (my best ever) and moistened it with lashings of dilute widdle. However, rather than illustrate that, the picture below marks the progress of the oats sown 6 weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Well hello, MissHathorn. Only stumbled into your site today, and what a delight it is. Very much resonating wid yer horticultural adventures and inpsirations.

Strikes me you might be interested in wot the avant-gardening crew are up to in the Pacific Northwest of the US, of late. I'm a little averse to pointing you directly at "me!" but heck, for brevity's sake, my home page will lend ya some sense of what our local tribe have been about recently. No idea whether this posting thing can handle hyperlinks, but you can get to me off the Guardian Allotment Blog Tuesday 13 'Seeds of Change' posting by Allan Jenkins. My bio admittedly a leetle on the serious side, ho hum. My lighter musings, I save for others' blogs, it seems.

Finding you a cause for celebration. I'll keep checking back. And if you're curious for any seed or other resources the Seed Ambassadors may have at their ready disposal, please don't hesitate to drop me a line through the SAP site.


"Perhaps the only possible avant garde is the avant garden." - Peter Lamborn Wilson

Misshathorn said...

Why yes, I'm very interested and pleased to 'meet' you. There looks to be a weekend's worth of reading on your site with all the links. I'll drop you a line when I've digested it all.