Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It begins to feel like spring now, what with the potatoes quietly chitting in the potting shed and yesterday I sowed a tray of seeds. Leeks - Giant Zermatt and Siegfried - this year. Last year I grew over 100 well-endowed "Mr. Lyon's" (Thomas Etty Seeds) and should have half a dozen to leave to flower and set seed for next year. Oh yes, does anybody out there know when is a good time to plant out the beetroot that I want to grow on for seed?
I also started to make some headway with the pruning and coppicing that I've been neglecting. After about 3 hours of that it was time for a sit down and a nice cuppa tea.

The tea council has a counter on it's site which allows you to watch the 190,000,000 cups of tea a day being, well, knocked back by the look of it.


Anonymous said...

For the beetroot, I would wait until the chance of frost is mostly over. I'm tempted to think this year that would be about now! My tulips certainly think so, because they've just started blooming.

Under normal circumstances, I would think you would want to put the beetroot out in April or so. I wouldn't be afraid to put it out a little earlier, if that seemed better for some reason.

Michael said...

Wonderful kettle. Is she expecting friends round?