Thursday, April 12, 2018

Need Money?

Monday I noticed this mass of glibber in the concrete bunker filled with stagnant water that we euphemistically refer to as 'the pond'. Of course, it is a heap of frog's eggs and in a few weeks I guess I shall see several hundred (?) tiny tadpoles swimming around. Unless something eats them.
I will post updates. (These posts are a bit like the buses, nothing for months and then two in the space of 2 days.)


Q said...

Wow how exciting. Spring is sprung and giant frogs sound like a money-maker to me. I hope you document metamorphosis to giant frog.

prgranny said...

Sounds like you'll be sung to sleep each night by a froggy chorus!

Misshathorn said...

Well, that would be fitting as we get woken every morning by the dawn chorus of birdsong.