Sunday, May 31, 2015

Voice On Record

One of the many great radio shows to have been broadcast on ResonanceFM over the years is Voice On Record with Sean Williams. It still gives me great joy to replay these podcasts on occasion while I'm working. Most especially the wildlife recordings and episodes 35, 36 & 38 featuring Peter Scott are ones I'll never tire of hearing.


Q said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and look forward to hearing the others. Thanks for posting!

Misshathorn said...

Ah, my one loyal follower.
Be sure to listen to the marine/mariner episode. Some fine whale song.

Live Sream said...

Good Site!

Michael said...

Hi Miss Hathorn,

It's Michael Hirsh. So good to see you are maintaining your blog, and so good to hear Resonance FM. Brilliant! I'm really digging the Honey Dripper Sunday afternoon slot. Some nice rare funk and jazz, an ting.
Big hugs to you and your beloved, and the chickens too, if they go for that sort of thing.
I'm still in Redhill, near the children, although they stray further and further from home.

Speak/blog soon. Hug the bear for me please.

Misshathorn said...

Hi Mike! I'll go straight out and hug the hens now.
Yes, let's meet up soon! X