Sunday, January 12, 2014

Very Late Harvest

Winter has been so mild thus far that I decided to leave the oca underground until now. This is the crop of edible sized tubers that I dug yesterday and then there are many more pea sized ones which hardly seem worth washing. I have saved out several more that are covered in sprouts which I intend to pot up and keep frost free until spring.
I do think they look jolly appetizing.


Gardening Northside said...

Nice post and it surly looks appetizing, how come you were able to grow those, if you suggest please tell how can I grow these here at north shore.

Cubic Zirconia Peridot said...
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Hydroponic Store Canada said...

Looking like you did hard work to wash them lol. They are looking very nice. Human can get any benefits from it? Related to herbal?