Sunday, October 13, 2013

Random Harvest

Here are some of the potato clones which I grew on this year, originally from TPS that I gathered. It wasn't a great year for anything in my garden and I won't blame the weather. The potatoes did all right considering my lack of attention and the absence of rainfall. Many have skins that are quite russety/scaley and tuber size is small.
Two that produced bumper crops and I may continue to clone are the ones below. The first - a red fingerling - I am referring to as Custard right now due to the colour of the flesh and the second with slightly paler yellow flesh I call Humbug. It had a very thick stemmed sprawling habit. But reading the debate here does give me pause. (The film is quite naive but the comments are thought provoking). I worry about carrying disease over to next year's tubers and I think that I'll continue to grow most of my crop from TPS.


Bill W. said...

Those are some great looking potatoes. I'll wager that Custard has a great flavor - I haven't yet found a potato with deep yellow flesh that doesn't.

Misshathorn said...

Yes, they do have great flavour. The purple fleshed ones look brilliant but I generally prefer eating the yellow fleshed varieties. I grew Mayan Gold this year as well.

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