Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slim Pickings

It's a disappointing year for tomatoes in my back yard. They started looking sorry for themselves quite early on and that caused me to get cross with them. So I punished them by cutting short their water rations... Anyway, very few fruited in the greenhouse (yellowhouse) before I removed them completely but some of the outdoor ones are beginning to produce now so all is not lost. It's a mystery because under the same conditions in the same soil the peppers have flourished (and continue to) and yielded bumper harvests. Possibly the pot size?


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your small harvest of tomatoes. Here my tomatoes produce alright, both in greenhouse and outdoor, although some cultivars have died from late blight (only the ones I expected to do so).

The photo is beautiful!

Misshathorn said...

Yes, I think it's just me, the weather hasn't been bad at all. I'm reading more about use of grey water and I'm thinking the answer might lie there. We had a long drought in the spring and I was relying on it. The soil has become very alkaline as a result.