Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Things

In the 'pond'(cement thing in the ground what collects water) the other day -

Yesterday I pricked out and potted on 40 aubergine and pepper seedlings now at first true leaf stage which I sowed early February. Sweet peppers 'Doe Hill' & 'Aconcagua', Hot peppers 'Black Hungarian', 'Gelbe Kirschen', 'Grandpa's Siberian Home', 'Jemez', and Aubergines 'Slim Jim', 'Japanese White Egg', 'Thai Long Green' and 'White Ribbed' (only one of which germinated). Leeks 'Monstrueux de Charentan' are just seeing the light of day. It's all happening now!


HomerSapiens said...

Seriously? A blog about turnips and celeriac? The information superhighway has just come to an end at your doorstep.

Misshathorn said...

Either that or you're looking the wrong way.

Michael said...

That frog has a very big grin on his face. Spring is in the air. And in the water.

AMIT said...

There are many things come in spring.

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