Friday, April 10, 2009

A Fridayes Pye

[Without eyther Flesh or Fish]
Washe greene Beetes cleane, picke out the middle string, and chop them small with two or three well relisht ripe Apples. Season it with Pepper, Salt, and Ginger: then take a good handfull of Raizins of the sunne, and put all in a Coffin of fine paste, with a piece of sweet Butter, and so bake it: but before you serve it in, cut it up, and wring in the juyce of an Orenge, and Sugar.
John Murrell: A New Booke of Cookerie 1615


B. said...

Okay, but you try it first and report back.

Christina said...

I'll try everything but the addition of sugar. Would the orange mentioned here be a bitter orange? It sounds good to me.