Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home-Grown Porridge

First sow, water, weed and 9 months later harvest the oats. Second, thresh, separate and clean the oats. Then you can follow this Recipe for Gruel. It's that easy !
Blessed Hildegard has a few things to say about oats.
"They are both rich and healthy nourishment for healthy people; they provide a rich mind and a pure and clear intellect; and they provide good colour and healthy flesh. And oats are good for those that are somewhat and moderately ill. It does not hurt them , whether eaten in bread or cereal. But let whoever is worn out with paralysis and as a result has a split mind and empty thoughts, so that the person is somewhat insane, be in a sweat bath when the 'wheat' in the hot water in which it has been cooked is poured over the hot stones. Let them do this often; they will return to themselves and regain sanity."


Anonymous said...

It's great you got something to eat! Birds got my plants when they were young. I let a few volunteer plants grow from the wheat straw I used on my garlic, but the seed heads of these plants were again stripped by the birds just as they were maturing. I'm glad you reminded me because I want to try again but with some bird netting...

There are commercial wheat farms in the area (this is where I get my straw from), I wonder how they protect their crops!

Misshathorn said...

I get a small crop of mixed grains growing every year around the base of the bird feeder. The wild birds don't seem to notice so I gave them to the chickens. Are you sure it's birds? I believe there is a mouse that has been laying waste my corn on the allotment.