Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting Pickled

There was a recipe came through the door this week in the latest HDRA newsletter. Called 'I Can't Believe It's Not Mango' Chutney - made with squash. So I decided that this would be a fitting end for the last of last year's squash (the Marina di Chiogga pictured). Where corn starts to convert it's sugars to starch directly after picking, I believe I've read that squash does the opposite. So, after all these months it's sweeter than ever. Well I'm not sure if the quantities were correctly printed, if it should have taken 5 hours to reduce or if the finished product should look like the devil's own poo poo. We can sample it in a month and let you know if it tastes like mango.

Red & Black Currant schnapps infusing.


Kate said...

The currants in the schnapps certainly look fabulous. It will be interesting to read how it tastes...I love making limoncello. I mus take some photos too and post them.

Misshathorn said...

Oh, they taste great. We drink a lot of our fruit. Black currant, morello cherry and plum are the favourites.