Monday, April 28, 2008

Hen, His Wife

Still on the subject of poultry, this little gem from my favourite animation film maker, Igor Kovalyov, can now be viewed (not in best quality to be sure) on youtube - part 1 & part 2.


Anonymous said...

Care to post your interpretation of this film? Who is the guy in black? Why does the guy have chicken feet at the end and why is his wife so horrified? This movie has me scratching my head.

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant film. There are many messages here. I won't go into a detailed analysis, but here are a few snippets you can interpret from the film.

The man in black is the husbands gay lover. The lover notices something different about the wife. She is a metaphoric hen, which is something the husband was not aware of.

There are many hidden gems in this film. The dog-like catepillar pet that has a human head. The ladybugs. etc.

Richard! said...

The caterpillar phallus is his libido. The director, Igor Kovalyov, said that the man in black told the husband, "She isn't like us" and gives his libido plenty of ladybugs to wake him up. When she comes back, he has acquired feminine features, to her horror. A lot of breaking plates in this animation, maybe representing broken/dysfunctional domesticity.

Pepilune said...

Just enjoy it! Whatever you read into it is your own creation