Tuesday, December 18, 2007


" If the pellet's of goat's dung, the size of a bean, are hollowed out, and the seed of leeks, rocket, lettuces, parsley, endive and cress is inserted in them, and then sown, the plants will thrive in a marvellous degree."
Pliny found this advice.

Oh joy. This morning I posted my order to the Heritage Seed Library for some beans and peas and got home to find a bubble envelope on the doorstep that made a 'shishing' sound when I shook it - the Kokopelli consignment! Aubergine 'Slim Jim' & 'Apple Green', Tomatoes 'Omar's Lebanese', 'Pineapple', 'Golden Queen' & 'Yellow Ruffles'. Cucumber 'Armenian Snake'. Hot pepper 'Chimayo' and 'Zia Pueblo'.'Hubbard Anna Schwarz' Squash and 'Solaize Blue' Leeks.
Now I just need a goat.

Illustration: Wolf Erlbruch

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Celia Hart said...

I'm still trying to narrow down my selection from the HSL catalogue - the choice of peas and beans is enormous! another purple podded? the medieval pea that can be made into pease puddin' ? beans that have little monks on them? another happy evening in front of the fire with a glass of ginger wine is called for!!!

Will muntjac droppings do?