Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tender Buttons

"It was a cress a crescent a cross and an unequal scream, it was upslanting, it was radiant and reasonable with little ins and red."

"Very well. Certainly the length is thinner and the rest, the round rest has a longer summer. To shine, why not shine, to station, to enlarge, to hurry the measure all this means nothing if there is singing, if there is singing then there is the resumption."

Gertrude Stein


Anonymous said...

I'm awfully fond of the fronds... if that's what you call them... and the Gertrude Stein pondering is delightful.
What is at the other end?

Misshathorn said...

The greedy root of the Cucurbita maxima up to it's neck in vintage home brewed muck. More will be revealed soon.

Celia Hart said...

gorgeous photographs!


Misshathorn said...

Thank you Celia.
I've just had a looksee at your site. You have some fine looking chickens, I may peck your brain about fowl things when I finally get some of my own.