Friday, March 09, 2007

Hard Graft

I'm just back from Suffolk where I've taken a class in 'The Ancient Art of Grafting'. We employed the 'Side Veneer Graft' but could as well have used the old 'Whip and Tongue'. I brought home the fruit of my labours - Malus domestica 'William Crump' on MM106 and M26 rootstock - on the back of the motorcycle. They seem to have survived and hopefully in the next few weeks will give me a sign that they're willing to grow. I'm now eyeballing our neighbour's very tasty old apple tree and getting all sorts of mad ideas on how to transform the garden à la Axel Erlandson.

Oh, and talking about fruit trees, here's where you can petition our government to plant more fruit and other edible plants in public spaces.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to have a go at grafting my own fruit trees. Do you know of a source for buying rootstock? I've been tempted to buy a commercial variety fruit tree in a garden center, cut off the top, then grow out the rootstock. Surely there's a better way!

I don't know what's involved for importing it into Europe, but the Seed Savers Exchange offers an amazing collection of scion wood.

Misshathorn said...

Hi Patrick , where I did the course will sell rootstock if fact I bought one to graft a piece of our neighbours tree onto. It's a bit dear @ £4.50 but I think that you can dig it in and then propagate many more from it by layering.