Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some Beans

It's been another one of those mornings. Oh, and I forgot to give a link for the wonderful 'Teasmade' illustrating that entry. Yes, it really existed.
But look what the postman brought me - the beans and peas that I ordered from the Heritage Seed Library. The peas (Champion of England, Uncle Fred's and Hugh's Huge) are just wrinkly and pale green as you would expect. But feast your eyes on these beauties. Click on the picture for close inspection.


Magic Cochin said...

It was so hard to choose, wasn't it?!
I love the variation of speckled colouring and white. I'm looking forward to the little padded package fron the HSL dropping through my letter box - hopefully including climbing bean San Antonio which has a little monk figure on each bean!

Hope we get a great season for peas and beans in 2008


Patrick said...

Those all look like great fun to grow! I hope to grow a lot of interesting beans this year too.

Is the George's bean really white on top, or is that something wrong with the picture?

There is a Dutch bean named after a bird egg, the 'kievitsboon'. I'm not sure what the English name of the kievits bird is, but the bean is called dragon tougue in English after the colorful wax bean like pods.

MissHathorn said...

Nothing wrong with the photo, they are indeed 1/2 white. With the help of my German speaking partner, we worked out that the keivits is a lapwing. Their eggs are olive green with heavy black speckling which would make for pretty beans.

blueblue said...

Beautiful all you need perhaps is some balls of goat dung.

Luv your blog.