Friday, May 11, 2018

Double Red

I've just put my sweetcorn plants into the ground. It seems early, but they got to a size that demanded transplant. Two varieties this year, 'Supersweet Mama' and 'Double Red' from Real Seeds. These look interesting with the red pigmentation extending right down into the roots. I have noticed (though haven't researched) that pests generally seem less interested in red varieties. The slugs will demolish all the green lettuce and leave the red for later. Same with the cabbage white and even the pigeons when it comes to brassicas.

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Drew Campion said...

Hi Sharon the root system here looks rich.
Every so often I try looking up art,& paintings, of miss Hathorn’s (Sharon Smith)
,because of her finest,discipline in drawing.,and dedication in creativity.
The dedicated uploading here,of much splendour, made viewing your blogs an easy fix,today.
I continue to place my thoughts,and my hopes in improving my illustrative ventures.
But my alumni classes at OCA in Max 3D is not covering enough in 6 weekend classes.
I’ll try to follow up with an email here’s mine :
It would be great to share info. on many levels,it was nice to notice you, here on your blog,
it was the IMDb photo that assured me, I had the right Miss Hathorn, send me an email, thanks, Drew.
Kuker-Sofia site had a very tiny pic. that tipped me off.