Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Shape of Potatoes

This year I am resolved to keep better records of my potato 'breeding' program, starting with more accurate descriptions and observations. As well as taking photos of blossoms and tubers (whole and cut), I'm going to make a note of growth habit, berry production, yield, cooked texture and flavour, and how well they store.

Diagrams from 'The Potato' by W.G.Burton

So, for example, the tuber pictured on the left December 15th would be described as obovate red-skinned with yellow eyebrows and yellow flesh.


Sarah said...

Can I copy these diagrams? Sometimes I, too, feel the need to more accurately discribe my potatoes.

Misshathorn said...

Certainly, I got them from a book called 'The Potato' by W.G.Burton - which is worth consulting if you are interested in potatoes.