Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monster Road

"A subtle, understated film that somehow manages to encompass themes of life, death, happiness, art, and why Bill Gates has yet to turn his mansion into a major claymation studio."
Portland Mercury
Last night we got to see legendary animator Bruce Bickford, in person, at the Horse Hospital where they premiered his newest film 'Cas'l' along with a short piece of drawn animation. They also screened a documentary about Bruce and his highly original, energetic, almost relentless claymation, 'Monster Road' by Brett Ingram, which I would urge everybody (even non-animators) to view at your earliest opportunity. ('Rocaterrania', another documentary by Brett Ingram was shown at the Museum of Everything last autumn and is worth a look as well.) Anyway, to whet your appetite, here is just a snippet of the philosophy of visionary Bruce Bickford.


AMIT said...

Great post but why monster road?

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MissHathorn said...

It is the name of the road that leads to his house, hence the name of the film.

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