Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cordial & Restorative

"For delicate persons, who find it best to dine in the middle of the day on plain foods, an excellent supper vegetable is a fair-sized Carrot boiled whole so as to retain its aromatic properties; then split into quarters, and warmed afresh for being served hot. It acts as a nervine sedative, whilst being cordial and restorative. A sense of mental invigoration will follow, and the digestion of the estimable root will be readily performed, without preventing the sleep."
Meals Medicinal W.T.Fernie, M.D.


Q said...

I particularly like carrot number 5 and 13... good fashion statements.

MissHathorn said...

You're thinking of knitting yourself some high-waisted orange bloomers to see you through the winter?

Q said...

yes... I thought I'd go for the MC Hammer look... it's retro enough. Happy holidays.