Friday, August 22, 2008

The Book of Blessed Hildegard

"Domestic lettuce (latich), which can be eaten, is very cold. Eaten without condiments, it's useless juice makes a person's brain empty and fills the stomach with illness. Therefore, let whoever wishes to eat it first mix it and temper it with dill, vinegar, or garlic so that it is steeped in these for a short times before it is eaten. If eaten tempered in this way, lettuce strengthens the brain and brings good digestion."
From 'The First Book Concerning Plants' Hildegard von Bingen, born 1098 Bockelheim
This has been a great summer for lettuce, with no scorching sun or excessive (any) heat to encourage it to bolt. The second crop of 'Moroccan Little Cress' and 'Black Seeded Simpson' (1&2) are still going strong. Last week I planted out more seedlings of 'Simpson' as well as 'New Red Fire' (4) which I got free with the Kokopelli membership. And the seed I saved from an overwintering 'Craquerelle du Midi'(3) has just successfully germinated. So that should see us into the winter. The RHS magazine this month has advice for growing winter leaves in trays under glass, sowing October through November and harvesting for 4 months. I'm going to give it a go and see how they get along in our unheated greenhouse.

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Jeremy said...

The whole lettuce is cold/lettuce is hot debate is both fascinating and useless. I'm with Benjamin Bunny on this one. Don't eat lettuce if you need to stay alert.

Glad you're enjoying the Kokopelli varieties.